just thinking …sharing my random thoughts

My first post …this is my take on “dear diary”  sometimes it will be upbeat , sometimes it will be dark and morose , sometimes profane ,but I will always write , what’s in my heart at that  exact moment in time!

So I had a bottle of Pino last night (school night)  and I started chatting to people I haven’t spoken to in years , via FB chat , and obviously an ex was in the mix , so today I realise , I was “drunk chatting” I wonder what happened in the olden days before technology , before drunk dialling , drunk chatting etc etc ….what stupid crap did people do in their inebriated states that they later lived to regret ….anyway ,

I’ve reached an interesting phase in my life , where I celebrate when  people leave my life (deleted ,blocked, vanished)  , as I believe if they belonged there they would’ve  stayed there , it truly is a blessing to accept what is and what will be , acceptance is a blessing !

My emotional IQ is increasing at an alarming  rate , however my mental IQ still remains questionable …and that is why I am writing this blog , for all to see and non to see at the same time , it might not make sense to some , but to those who get it …well done !

I am 32 ,single ,alpha female ,I haven’t chosen not to procreate ,but I will contribute to society in a MY way J  I’m still finding myself , but I am loving every minute of it , not knowing what lesson will be learnt next is an adventure on its own ,  welcome to my journal , welcome to my world , I hope you stay .

Life of the planet